Goodman Brown Financial Ltd.


Financial Planning is about putting the pieces together

Many new clients we meet have been diligently saving and making smart money decisions for years - but are not sure how well they are doing. Financial planning is the process of turning all that information into a roadmap that tells you where you are and where you're going. We can then help you make adjustments to make sure you're going where you want to be!
We also help our clients prepare for Critical Financial Events - whether good or bad - those times when something unexpected happens to alter your financial course. By looking ahead, applying our experience, and implementing strategies we have developed, we help clients prepare for the "unexpected."
We work primarily with affluent clients starting when they are nearing retirement. We have developed and refined a process that enables them to put all the pieces in place so they can enjoy this new stage of life.
Our ideal client is serious about getting ahead, committed to developing and following a financial plan, successful in their own field, and willing to work together with us to improve their financial position.
Our clients are families, business owners and professionals. Our process helps clients optimize their retirement income by saving to the right places, drawing from the right accounts at the right time, and paying the least tax possible.
In all cases, our plans are designed to be tax-efficient, cost-effective and client-focussed.

We aim to provide clients with:
  • Consistent, dependable income in retirement.
  • Strategies to minimize taxes throughout clients' lifetime.
  • A reliable, lower risk investment portfolio that achieves each client's investing goals.