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Insurance is an important part of your financial plan

Make sure the advice you get is in your best interest

The insurance business has changed since the old days when men in blue suits went door-to-door to collect monthly premiums of a few dollars from hard-working people who wanted to make sure their families weren't burdened if they met an untimely end.
These days, insurance is more sophisticated. Like the rest of the world, insurance has become more complex, adapted to meet more needs. It's important to have someone you can trust to guide you through that complexity to reach your goal.
Many people insure their lives to cover their mortgage, but life insurance can do much more.
A lot of people never think to protect their biggest asset -
their ability to earn an income - by securing disability insurance.
And it's usually after a friend of family member is diagnosed with a serious illness that people start to think about critical illness insurance.
We offer a diverse range of personal insurance products from Canada's largest insurers to meet the needs of our financial planning clients. The key word is "need." We don't flog products to people who don't need them - we carefully match solutions to our clients' needs.
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