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Life Insurance

It's not just a tool for protecting your family

Despite all the advertisements you see and hear, life insurance is not something that should be purchased over the phone or online. It's important that you are matched with a solution that you understand and that meets your needs.
As a powerful financial tool, we can do amazing things with life insurance to improve not just your heirs' lives, but yours too.
  • Maxxed out your RRSPs and paying too much tax? We have a plan for that.
  • Have a business partner and need to protect yourselves in case something happens to one of you? We can do that, too.
  • Want to pass a tax-free inheritance to grandchildren, but retain control of the funds while you’re alive? Check!
And those are just a few of the scenarios where life insurance fits.
Life insurance is one of the most flexible financial tools, but it’s not well understood outside of our industry. Like any tool, it’s only useful when the need arises, but when the need is there, life insurance is powerful.
We will analyze your situation and determine if you have a need that can be met by one of many types of life insurance, then we'll work with you to tailor a plan that fits your situation.