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Critical Illness Insurance

For times when money should be the last thing on your mind

How many people do you know who have had a major health scare? We know quite a few. And their lives and their recovery were easier if they had a critical illness (CI) policy that paid them a tax-free lump sum amount that they could use to pay expenses not covered by OHIP or private disability insurance plans.
There are lots of reasons to apply for CI, from planning a vacation to recover from the ordeal to making mortgage payments when your income might be reduced. And if you are ill, won't your spouse want to take time off work - perhaps without pay - to be at your side?
CI was invented by the brother of famed heart surgeon Dr. Christian Barnard, because he realized that people are now surviving illness that would have killed them in previous generations. Their parents' life insurance would have paid out, but now the survivors were left financially devastated by surviving the illness.
Although our health system is very good, there are still costs that it doesn't cover. Don't let a serious illness derail your financial plan. Talk to us about an affordable plan for you.