Goodman Brown Financial Ltd.


Five reasons you should be a Goodman Brown client

If you're looking for an advisor who will be a good fit for you, here are five good reasons we should be at the top of your list:


We talk about the fees you pay, including your cost of investing, as well as how we are paid. We also make sure our clients understand what they’re paying for and what services they can expect from us. We think we have one of the best value propositions around.

Full Service

We’re the Chief Financial Officers for many of our clients’ personal lives. They call on us with questions or to seek advice on everything from buying a car to investing for retirement to sending their kids to university. We co-ordinate the efforts of our clients' accountants and lawyers, as well as other professionals, to make sure everyone is working effectively towards the same goal.


Every client is different and every financial plan is unique. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions and “house brand” investments. We are independent so we can shop the market to find the best financial solutions for each client.


We love it when clients are educated and involved in their financial plan, that’s why we try to make every meeting educational. (By the way, we also learn a lot from our clients!)


Goodman and Brown own the company, are part of the community, and are here to stay. We partner with some of the largest and best financial firms in Canada, which are big enough to stand behind the products they provide. It's the best of both worlds. Small enough to care, big enough to be there.