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Guaranteed Investment Solutions to Provide Peace of Mind


Think of an annuity as a pension you can buy with a lump sum of money. You pay an insurance company the lump sum upfront, and the company guarantees you a certain preset amount of money for life.
It can include a survivor benefit for your spouse. It can be registered (bought with RRSP money) or non-registered, it can have a guaranteed minimum payout period.
Annuities can also be purchased that pay an income for a set amount of time, like 20 years. If you have cash and wish you had the security of a pension, talk to us about an annuity.
We even have a strategy that can provide income from your lump sum, then replace the lump sum so your heirs don't miss out on their inheritance!


With Guaranteed Interest Options, your initial investment and the interest payments are guaranteed for a set period of time, often between one and five years.
There are all kinds of variations out there (careful, the complicated ones are often not what they seem), but essentially you are lending money to an insurance company for a set period of time.
They're ideal for preserving your capital, but rarely offer interest that's much above the rate of inflation, so real growth is usually minimal or non-existent.
Ask us about a special type of guaranteed interest product that can protect your estate!
The above is for information only and should not be taken as investment advice.